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  • What is dry eye?

    What is dry eye?
  • Why are my eyelids sore?

    Why are my eyelids sore?
  • What are the symptoms of visual problems in children?

    What are the symptoms of visual problems in children?
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  • Shrie’s Story

    Find out how a Doctor of Optometry helped diagnose Shrie with meningioma during a routine eye exam.
  • Rachel’s Story

    Find out how a Doctor of Optometry helped diagnose Rachel with a serious health issue that was affecting more than her vision.
  • Children’s Vision and Eye Exams

    You know your child inside out, but there is one thing you can't know and that is how well they see.
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  • Handheld laser pointers – a danger to your eyes?

      As kids we used them to disturb a class presentation, tease our pets, or reenact Star Wars, but little did we know, these handheld tools have the capacity to cause significant eye damage. A recent rise in patients with severe eye injuries (including retinal burns, blurry vision, even blindness) have been popping up all […]

  • You never know who may have an eye condition

    This past year, up and coming musician Willie Maxwell, more commonly known as Fetty Wap, revealed that he had lost his right eye due to congenital glaucoma when he was a child. Fetty lives without a prosthetic eye and is inspiring children and those living with similar circumstances to be confident with their eye conditions. […]

  • It’s always the right time of year to sport stylish specs

    Whether it’s the hottest day of the summer and you’re lying on a beach, or mid-January and you’re trekking on a snowshoe expedition – UV rays are always present and potentially causing damage to your eyes. Even though the days are shorter, the sun sits lower in the sky which may actually be increasing your […]

  • A simple New Year’s resolution – Book an eye exam

    Many people have heard the saying the eyes are the window to the soul, what’s amazing is that this statement is true…

  • Sharing the gift of sight this holiday

    Celebrating is what this time of the year is all about, and we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see the holiday magic! For Christmas this year…

  • Don’t ring in the New Year with an eye injury!

    It’s a time of year where most Canadians aren’t thinking about their eyes – most are spending time with family, while indulging in big feasts and popping bottles…